Training Sessions



We host a number of sessions both indoors and outside an adjust them depending on the time of year. Our main base is the new school at Ysgol Bro Teifi, Llandysul where we make use of the wide flat car park and the perimeter road for Go-Ride and Performance sessions. The circuit is floodlit so available all year round.


For more information check our Facebook and Twitter profiles or email for more information. Sessions include:


 Go-Ride Sessions. Based at Llandysul these sessions focus on building skills and confidence on the bike using a variety of different exercises. Based entirely on a flat closed car park itís a safe environment for new and younger children to get involved.


 Performance Sessions. Currently based at Llandysul and focusses on skills and drills as well as an increased focus on fitness. These sessions are usually split into ability groups so everyone will feel comofrtable



 Club runs. These are regular road rides, usually on a Sunday, which include a ride out to a local cafť and a ride back. Usually moderately paced and often a number of route options. We usually have a following car too.



 Chain gangs, These are held in the lighter months from Aberaeron on a Tuesday and involve a road ride of about 90 minutes. Itís a harder, faster paced ride designed to improve group riding and fitness



 Winter Months. During the Winter months we replace the chain gang with an indoor turbo training session. This concentrates on fitness but we try to make it a little fun!





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